Standing Stones Impress Me So Much. I Think They Were Some Kind Of Ancient Folk Festival Where Prehistoric Folkies Would Entertain Each Other.

Louise and I recently visited Avebury Henge in Wiltshire, which must be one Britain’s truly wonderful sites.

I think it is more impressive than Stonehenge because you can actually walk around the stones and touch them. Some of the stones weigh about 40 tons and they cover over 28 acres. Originally there was about 100 stones but now there are only 27 stones left standing (I don’t know why there is less now, someone must of stole them) but it is still wonderfully impressive.

No one knows the reason the stones were erected but when I walked  inside the circle I got a great desire to burst into song. This leads me to believe that the stones were once a giant folk club where ancient folkies would get up and perform their act within the circle. Occasionally they would invite other ancient folkies to come and sing and have them as some kind of feature spot and twice a year. At the beginning and end of summer they would put on a great festival for all to have a great time, get drunk, meet all their mates that they hadn’t seen for ages.

I reckon it would have been a good laugh – a bit like Warwick Folk Festival is now.


Bill Bates 2024