Wanna Be Steve Knightley


This is my “Wanna Be Steve Knightley” song which pays homage to that great singer songwriter Steve Knightley from Show Of Hands.

The guy really is a genius – I own all his CD’s, MP3’s, DVD’s and 17 Bootleg albums. I also own a huge amount of memorabilia that includes various items of clothing, plectrums, hair brushes and musical instruments (including the kazoo he played on his first ever LP). I have thousands of pictures from the internet and I have been to every gig he has ever performed since 1976, except one, when I fell off some scaffolding which was, coincidentally, backing onto to Steve Knightley’s estate in Devon.  Note: After falling from the scaffolding I did try to attend the gig despite having a 6’6” piece of scaffolding impaled through my upper thigh. The stewards wouldn’t let me into the venue due to “health and safety” saying that people would not have been able to get passed me in the event of a fire and, were likely to slip on the immense amount of blood which continued to flow from my leg. I did however get some photo’s of the gig from inside the ambulance, but I cant truly say I attended.

Steve is an amazing songwriter with his wavy flowing hair and good looks.

He has a gift for writing lyrics and he has a great voice too.

Phil Beer is good too – let’s not take anything away from him – he is mentioned in this song which is only fair.

Bill Bates 2024