Proud Of My Italian Ancestry

Watching Italy v England Six Nations rugby match reminds me that I am proud to have Italian ancestors and I am in fact a quarter Italian. As far as I can make out my Grandad and Grandmother (mum’s mum) was born in Sicily and rumour has it all the family were fine musicians.  Grandad Luigi (pictured above) loved the violin, taking it with him everywhere he went. It may also explain my love of pasta, ice cream and grapes.

Grandad Luigi’s son, also named Luigi, was also a violinist and the picture of him below shows him keeping his toy gun in his violin case. I guess that his actual violin was being mended or cleaned, but it is nice to see him also carry his violin case around with him.

It must have been great to have been born in Sicily those days. The sun beating down, the grapes, the rumble of mount Etna in the background.

Work must have been hard to come by though and some of the family moved to live in New York.  I am not sure,  but it looks like some of my uncles worked at the police station because they seemed to have spent a lot of their time there. They must have loved to have their photo’s taken (who doesn’t like a selfie?). Grandad’s twin brother (pictured) was also named Luigi and I love his happy face.

I have also some pictures of Grandad Luigi’s brothers, and again they look a happy bunch, maybe pictured here at home in Sicily having an Italian take-away.

I used to meet up with the Italian side of my family every year around St Valentines Day, but we havent got together for many years.  I must give my Uncle Luigi a call.

Note: As I write this blog there is 30 minutes of the rugby match to go and Italy have just scored a try. Without thinking I shouted out “Puoi fargli un’offerta che non può rifiutare.”!!!!!!!!!

Grandad Luigi will be proud of them.


Bill Bates 2024