Music For Matt


Our good friend Keith Donnelly contacted a number of folk clubs and asked them to support Matthew under the heading of “Music For Matt”. Keith is an amazing character and we thank him so much for his help!


The Tump Folk Club is based at The Humber pub in Coventry and run by our friend Karen Orgill. Anna Ryder accompanied Keith Donnelly (and me) with floor spots from Matthew Powell and Rob Oakey. Thank You to everyone who played and contributed!


Stockton Folk Club

On Tuesday 29th March the lovely people of Stockton folk club put on a gig for Music For Matt out of the blue – we didn’t even know they were doing it! As well as “AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES” there was the great Norman Wheatley from Warwick Folk Club, Rik Middleton, “NUNC”  (Geoff Veasey and his niece, Flossie)  Dan Gascoine and a cast of hundreds. Stockton Folk Club is run by a cracking bunch of people and we would like to thank them and all the people that donated. Colin, Mike, Rod, Frank and all the people who run the club are an amazing bunch! Thank You

The Sly Old Dogs
 are a group of fine musicians who play Irish and Scottish music throughout the Midlands. Our mates Bob Brooker and Pete Willow decided to dedicate their gig at the Wood Farm Brewery to the Music For Matt appeal. It is humbling to think that those people in the audience – who have no idea who Matthew was – were willing to contribute! Thank you to Bob and Pete, all those who played and to everyone who contributed!

Bedworth Folk Club

I have been a regular performer at Bedworth Folk Club and Bedworth Folk Festival and I wasn’t surprised that Malc Gurnham and Gill Gilsenan agreed to put on a Music For Matt night – they are very special people and I love them to bits. Performing on the night were Anna Ryder, Noel LeLong, Bob Brooker, John Kearney, Brian Phillips, Phillip Benson, Malc Gurnham, Geoff Veasey and John Richards. Thanks to Brenda Gurnham for doing the door and raffle, and scoring the quiz which was won by the Stanleys who added their £25 cash prize to the evenings funds! I am also pleased to say that Matt and I was able to pop  in for a short while. Thank You so much to everyone who played, organised the event and contributed to the evening!


Warwick Folk Club

Thanks goes to Norman Wheatley who dedicated Monday 18th April 2016 to the Music For Matt appeal. Performing was Keith Donnelly, Martyn Oram, Anna Ryder, Flossie Malavialle as well as support from Rik Middleton, Alkevan and MC’d to perfection by Micheal Luntley. It was a wonderful night and the room was packed with standing room only! Thank You All!!!


Thanks to Norman for putting on Music For Matt at Warwick Folk Club for for acting as the Sound Engineer on the night


Superb entertainment from (left to right) Martyn Oram, Anna Ryder, Keith Donnelly and Flossie Malavialle.


Keith – doing the raffle as only Keith can do.


Martyn Oram – multi instrumentalist, great singer and all round good egg


Anna Ryder sang “You’ve Got A Friend” the James Taylor classic and to be honest she brought me to tears. This song just about sums up Music For Matt for me.


Flossie Malavialle – check out Flossie on YouTube – she is an amazing performer


Thanks Rik Middleon for making us all laugh to start the night off!


Michael Luntley who did a great job on the night as MC- excellent stuff!


My good friends Alkevan – excellent singing and playing – great friends and musicians


Peter Wimpenny did a fine job supporting annA rydeR – cheers Pete!

Monthly Folk Club at Nailcote Ave

While at the Warwick Folk Club event someone popped a cheque into my hand and asked me to give it to Matt. Thanks DD!!

Justins Open Mic 


I played a few songs at Justins Open Mic at The Liberal Club Oaken House in Leamington Spa on 1st May 2016 and the club donated funds to Matt For Matt – cheers Justin Archer and to everyone at The Liberal Club …. and my mate Dave Cook for playing too! Thanks everyone – and its a great Open Mic too!

Banbury Folk Club


I have performed at the Banbury Folk Club and Banbury Folk Festival for many years and the people there are very special. Derek and Mary Droscher are amazing people and those that attend the club are all so friendly. On the 4th May 2016 they put on a special Music For Matt evening with Keith Donnelly leading the night together with Malc Gurnham and Gill Gilsenan, Martyn Oram, Paula and Stuart Tindall and Linda Watkins all performing (not forgetting Richard Watkins on the sound) – which made it a pretty damn good line up! Thank you to everyone involved – I’ve never had so many hugs in such a short space of time!


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