Kevin Costner Was Very lucky to Have People Turn Up To His Corn Field


“Build it and they will come”. Fields of Dreams

In the 1989 movie the lead character played by Kevin Costner strolls about his crop field and he hears a voice saying “If you build it, he will come”. After having visions he builds a baseball field and miraculously he gets loads of people turn up to watch the game he had arranged.  And all this was without Twitter, Facebook or a website.

However….. putting on a gig is not like this!

If you want people to turn up to your gig, you need to tell people about it. People won’t come unless you tell them.

A familiar story

You take years to learn how to play your musician instrument – taking hours and hours of practice, dealing with the frustration and wandering if you will ever get to a decent standard.

Then you try singing and playing at the same time. First alone in your bedroom, frustrated because you are having to stop and start, unable to perfect the rhythm. You begin to doubt the sound of your own voice but you continue to practice, determined to get it right.

Finally, you summon up the courage to sing in front of someone. A family member or a close friend listens, You pray they won’t ridicule you.

And then, after practicing the same song over and over and over again, you realise that the person listening wants to smash your instrument over your head because they are sick to death of the song you have been singing a thousand times.

Advertise your gig all over Social MediaThen you summon up the courage to perform live for the first time…. those shaking knees… the stomach churning knot in your stomach….. (I’m describing my experience here – maybe yours was easier!).

Then, after a while, you get better and start going to open mics or folk clubs, where you sing 2 or 3 songs. Then you finish, the audience clapping inspires you to carry on, and suddenly you have the gigging bug.

Eventually, to your delight, you get asked to play a full set – maybe a 30 minutes performance as support to the main act.

Then eventually you get offered your own gig and the realisation that all those years of practice is paying off.

You prepare for the gig – you get to the venue far too early – set up your gear – and then….

only 3 men and a dog turn up to watch!!!

What went wrong?????

I forget to tell people about your gigs!


You might not want to put up posters in the street these days – but you will want to advertise posters on the net.

Gig potser

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