Heathcote Studio

Heathcote Studio

“Heathcote Studio record artists on an invitation only basis. They are usually world famous “A” List celebrities like, but not including, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, John Lennon, David Bowie and people like them. I suppose it’s a bit like being in the Masons. Many have recorded here but we don’t say who.”

Heathcote Studio is a small specialist recording studio based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK.  It almost (but not) impossible to book a session at the studio.

Tea, coffee and milk is supplied. You would need to bring your own sugar.

Voice Overs

Heathcote Studio have recorded hundreds of Voice Overs for all types of applications including Hypnotherapy & Relaxation CDs, Audio Books, Professional Storytelling, Comedy, Advertising, Education, Podcasts, Speeches, Business Demos, Actor/Actress Demos, …. in fact too many to mention!

We can produce your recording from start to finish- whether you are looking to record your own voice, or have a project to work on and require a voice over artist.

We will record, mix and master your project using high quality equipment in the comfort of a specially designed, intimate, friendly studio.

We will assist you in every way and once you have made your recording you will quickly be given your work on a CD and download.  – and you retain copyright.


Christmas Journey. (1 minute example)

Voice Over by Paul Elliott. Piano by Anna Ryder.

As well as performing as a Voice Over Artist Paul Elliott performs as Father Christmas at Warwick Castle. His voice is deep, warm and mellow. To book Paul Elliott for your Voice Over project please get in touch.