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As I fell off my roof, I remember thinking, “Louise is going to kill me!”.


Every now and again I visit an Hypnotherapist. His name is Peter Delves and he helps me with the “Issues” I occasionally have. I have to admit I am in two minds about Peter. Is he a top bloke? Or, has he actually hypnotised me to think that he is a top bloke? Maybe he has hypnotised me into writing about him?

I first went to see him after falling off  my roof. (It was actually more of a Lean-Two. About 9 feet high and 50 feet wide – but it was high enough). It was a busy old day. It was Louise’s birthday, and Matthew was playing in a football cup final and we wanted to get there on time.

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Great Uncle Arthur Bates And Queen Victoria


The Brexit debate reminds me of my Great Uncle Arthur Bates who, in July 1850, had the honour of meeting Queen Victoria.

As a young man Great Uncle Arthur had to leave the UK for reasons unknown and after many years travelling around the world avoiding various police forces ended up working for the British East India Company who would basically employ anyone.

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Searching Your Family Tree? Sometimes It Is Like Searching In A Forest, In The Dark, At Night, Without A Torch, Wearing A Blindfold.

The conversation with my mum went something like this…..

ME: “Mum, would you help me make my family tree?

MUM: “No”

That was about it. Silence. A tumbleweed rolled past mums coffee table.

Mum continued watching a man eating a kangaroos bottom on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.

I didn’t push it. It was the answer I had expected.

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Standing Stones Impress Me So Much. I Think They Were Some Kind Of Ancient Folk Festival Where Prehistoric Folkies Would Entertain Each Other.

Standing Steones

Louise and I recently visited Avebury Henge in Wiltshire, which must be one Britain’s truly wonderful sites.

I think it is more impressive than Stonehenge because you can actually walk around the stones and touch them. Some of the stones weigh about 40 tons and they cover over 28 acres. Originally there was about 100 stones but now there are only 27 stones left standing (I don’t know why there is less now, someone must of stole them) but it is still wonderfully impressive.

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I Found A 78 Record In My Loft – It Was Recorded By My Great, Great Granddad. He Was A Rubbish Singer!


I have just come down from my loft and discovered loads of old 78 records and newspapers relating to my my Great-Granddad, Corporal Arthur Bates.

Arthur was a musician and performed various concerts to soldiers in the First World War. He was a sort of comedy folk singer songwriter and he entertained the troops with his own witty songs.  I have found about 20 such 78’s in my loft.*

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