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Public Speaking

When 2 Minutes Was Too Long

I have recently joined an international organisation called Toastmasters. Their objective is to help people become more confident at public speaking. The Leamington Spa branch of Toastmasters are called Spa Speakers and can be found here.

Speaking in public is something I am not naturally good at – I get my words mixed up and my thought process gets cluttered. It is out of my comfort zone. I am not comfortable with small talk either – general conversation within a group environment is way out of my comfort zone.

Which were very good reasons for joining up with Spa Speakers – it is good to get out of your comfort zone occasionally.

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Welcome to Bill Bates website

I love to perform my songs at folk clubs, folk festivals and at house parties. I perform a mixed set of funny songs and serious songs. My objective is to entertain and have some fun and hopefully you will enjoy yourself at the same time.

I call myself a Dyxsluxic Song Writer, which just about sums me up. I go wrong every now and again but I keep smiling.

I am not as good a songwriter as Steve Knightley (Show of Hands) and not as funny as Keith Donnelly.  I thought I’d let you know this to manage your expectations!

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As I Fell Off My Roof, I Remember Thinking… “Louise Is Going To Kill Me”. After My Fall I Developed A Fear Of Doctors. My Hypnotherapist Said I Should Think Of Them As Giraffes.

Every now and again I visit an Hypnotherapist. His name is Peter Delves and he helps me with the “Issues” I occasionally have. I have to admit I am in two minds about Peter. Is he a top bloke? Or, has he actually hypnotised me to think that he is a top bloke? Maybe he has hypnotised me into writing about him?

I first went to see him after falling off  my roof. (It was actually more of a Lean-Two. About 9 feet high and 50 feet wide – but it was high enough). It was a busy old day. It was Louise’s birthday, and Matthew was playing in a football cup final and we wanted to get there on time.

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Great Uncle Arthur Bates And Queen Victoria

The Euro In/Out debate reminds me of my Great Uncle Arthur Bates who, in July 1850, had the honour of meeting Queen Victoria.

As a young man Great Uncle Arthur had to leave the UK for reasons unknown and after many years travelling around the world avoiding various police forces ended up working for the British East India Company who would basically employ anyone.

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Searching Your Family Tree? Sometimes It Is Like Searching In A Forest, In The Dark, At Night, Without A Torch, Wearing A Blindfold.

The conversation with my mum went something like this…..

ME: “Mum, would you help me do my family tree?

MUM: “No”

That was about it. Silence. A tumbleweed rolled past mums coffee table.

Mum continued watching a man eating a kangaroos bottom on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”.

I didn’t push it. It was the answer I had expected.

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