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I love to perform my songs at folk clubs, folk festivals and at house parties. I sing a mixed set of funny songs and serious songs. My objective is to entertain and have some fun and hopefully you will enjoy yourself at the same time.

I call myself a Dyxsluxic Song Writer, which just about sums me up. I go wrong every now and again but I keep smiling.

I am not as good a songwriter as Steve Knightley (Show of Hands) and not as funny as Keith Donnelly.  I thought I’d let you know this to manage your expectations!

I don’t know about you but I’ve never met a horrible musician. Some are amazing people, always ready to help raise money for charity, always ready to help out.

When our son became seriously ill it didn’t surprise me that the local music community, with family and friends, all pulled together to help us.  In a series of gigs under the banner of “Music for Matt”, local musicians gave up their time for free and organised and performed dozens of gigs entertaining hundreds of people.

My gut reaction was to repay everyone by performing loads of gigs myself and to raise a considerable amount of money for charity. But I had to ask myself – how many times will people pay to see me? “Only the once”! some said. Some said not at all! So I had to think of ways I could say “Thank You”.

I will play at your folk club if you are fund raising for a good cause.

On this website there are also some blogs of mine. They are about performing and other stuff about life in general. I started writing these tips while Matt was having treatment and decided to keep them.

One of my songs is called “I Wanna BeSteve Knightley”. You can see a video of it here

Thank you Dave Fry for talking Steve into doing this!











“Bill’s fine singing and guitar work will come as no surprise to those who know him. What will surprise is the depth, maturity and variety of his self-penned songs and, it has to be said, the inspired silliness of his comic output. An all-round nice guy, Bill’s solo performances are full of wit, off-the-wall humour, and powerful and original songs. Any club, pub or festival that books Bill is in for an evening packed full of that rare commodity – genuine entertainment”
Martin Day. Warwick Folk Club

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